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Real Name- Ursula Fisher
Current Alias- Joystick
Aliases- Joy, Fisher, Fish(She hates this nickname)
Relatives- Bethany Fisher (Mother), Hugo Fisher (Father), Jeremiah Fisher (Twin brother), Ezra Fisher (Little brother, deceased)
Affiliation- Teen Titans
Base Of Operations- Titans Tower
Alignment- Good
Identity-  Secret Identity
Race- Metahuman
Citizenship- American
Marital Status- Single
Occupation- Adventurer
Gender- Female
Height- 5'11"
Weight- 164 lbs
Eyes- Right eye is chestnut brown, left one is cloud gray
Hair- Medium brown and mildly wavy, when wore down it touches the bottom of her back
Skin- Slightly paler than normal caucasian
Unusual Features- Has a patch of freckles across the bridge of her nose
Universe- Earth-One, New Earth
Place of Birth- Blüdhaven

Power(s)- Ursula/ Joystick has gained the power of hair manipulation from her metgene. With this she can control only her own hair, but she can use it in many ways. For one thing, her hair has admirable strength, she can use it like an appendage to lift things, if she really concentrates and applies herself she can even lift things as heavy as boulders. She can also solidify her hair into different shapes, like a fist for example, and use the hardened hair as a means of offense or defense. Some drawbacks to this power include that Ursula must let her hair grow out enough to be able to use her power effeciently, for her power does not include her hair growing on its own, and hair is fairly easily damaged.

History- Ursula Fisher was born February 11th in Blüdhaven. Her family was one of the richer ones in the city, with her father being a crooked politician there. Growing up, her father was rarely home, and he cared little for either of his children. It was Bethany Fisher who raised her twin children: A proper, upright lady, she tried to get her daughter to follow in her footsteps as a feminine young woman. But alas, Jeremiah's influence was far greater on his sister, and seeing as the two had been very close since birth, Ursula ended up being closer in personality to her twin. That meant a hot tempered little girl who liked "boy things" and was tough.
  When Ursula and Jeremiah were 13, their mother had a big announcement, she was pregnant again. Everyone (Well, save for Hugo Fisher, who was not around long enough to even be esctatic) was euphoric. However, tragedy struck not long afterwards, for in Bethany's older age, she had lost her child to a miscarriage. The whole family handled it in different ways, as for Ursula, she hardened herself, made herself tougher to take the pain. She also used the tragedy that had happened to her as an excuse to be more violent and agressive towards others. With all of this, for the first time in their lives, the Fisher twins drifted apart.
  Another big event happened not long after. One fateful day, when Ursula's mother was chastising her on her rude behavior, Ursula lashed out in yelling, telling her mother she knew what troubles she'd been through. In that moment, as the anger coursed through her, she happened to see strands of hair lifting themselves in the corner of her eye, however, her mother didn't seem to notice. Later, alone in her room, though convinced she was seeing things she none the less concentrated on making her hair lift like it had before. Amazingly, within a few seconds, pieces upon pieces of hair were flying up all around Ursula's face.
  Within a short period of time she knew she was what they called a metahuman. She had heard of them, seen one before. That Black Canary that was in the news sometimes was called a metahuman. Their was no other explanation after all. Ursula lit up at this realization, and although she was amazed at this new power and loved it, she dared not to tell either of her parents, knowing that with their ways they'd condemn her or worse. Miss Fisher only told her twin brother, who while more than a little frightened and confused at first eventually began to warm up to his sisters new ability, after all, this was still the sister he'd been close to since their birth.
  Sharing this secret the Fisher twins became close again, and Ursula frequently practiced her powers in secret, although she was nowhere near experienced with them. After the girl turned 15, she happened to be watching the news one day, and what happened to come on but a news report from Jump City, about the newly formed Teen Titans. Watching them, Ursula suddenly had an epiphany. She could use her powers in public, and for a cause she could be passionate about. She could prove her worth to the world, that despite her past and powers she wasn't a freak, she was one tough cookie who could show everyone what she was made of. She could and she should she decided.
  The teenager quickly made up her mind, she would run away and join the Teen Titans. Once again she told only her brother, who was hurt that she was leaving him. Her decision to leave caused another small rip in their relationship with each other. But Ursula stuck to her guns, and one day she up and left, her destination being Jump City.
  When she arrived, she felt like she had the world at her hands. Ursula, deciding on the superhero name of Joystick during the trip, searched out the Teen Titans. When she arrived, the first person she met was Starfire, who flew out to meet her. Explaining her story with gusto, an eager Starfire of course agreed that she wanted her to join them and to gain a new 'sister'. The other members, however, did not share their team mates enthusiasm. They were weary of letting just anyone join their ranks, especially without seeing her abilities in battle.
Luck would happen to turn in Joytick's favor then though, as the Teen Titans were called to stop a rovvery in town. Their new would-be member followed them, with no time to shake her off as their were more important matters. When they reached the robber, Joystick knew this was her only chance to prove herself. She used her hair as an appendage, reaching it forward to the fleeing thief and tripping him so the other members could capture him for arrest. Although it was not that amazing of a display of ability, the Teen Titans were impressed enough to allow her a chance. And Ursula has been proving her worth among the ranks of her team ever since.

Personality- Ursula is a very volatile girl. She appears calm at times, but she is prone to sudden and violent mood swings. Very intense, she is somewhat of a tomboy and passionate about everything she puts herself into. At times she can be difficult to control.
  Still immature, she is sensitive and quick to judge but has useful brute strength she can use in combat. She can be seen as hard to handle by any of her team mates, but she is a devoted and tough addition to the gang, so they keep her around for extra power more than anything (In a gentle way of saying it, none of them get along with her all the time). She's out to prove herself to the world, but is often hindered by her fits of agression and being easily impressionable, at least in a positive way.

Outfit- As the superhero Joystick, Ursula Fisher's outfit consists of a plain white T-shirt, and pair of light skinny jeans. She also wears a large yellow belt made of rectangles, except for the center piece which is a hollow circle with a red circular gem in the center, and a pair of fingerless black gloves that end at her wrists. Her footwear is a pair of light brown boots that end just beneath her knees. They lace up and have a 1 inch platform.
Tl;dr? I don't blame you, I just wanted to make her so deatiled ;n; but I'm afraid I might have gone overboard. Anyways, I hope everyone likes her. I put a lot of time and thought into creating her, she's like my baby <3
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